Our sponsors for Mission Trip 2020 have been carried over as sponsors for Mission Trip 2021. We thank them for their support of our youth led work for others.   As contributions continue to come in this page will be updated.

T-Shirt Provider for SPYouth &  Mission Trip 2021

The girls of Troop
9-692 for the use
of their trailer for Mission Trip 

Individuals including:

Douglas and Debra McMillen, Jane McMillen, Douglas and Rena Langlois, David and Tricia Steffey, Kathie Caldwell,  Anthony and Sandy Tatti, Kraig and Deborah Pritts, Glenn and Janice Piper, Rick Snell, Patricia Nelson, Betty Nichols, Trish Hansen, Matt Hardeman, Neil Clark, Sydney Corbett, Cecelia Chittenden, Steven and Ruthann Smiley, John Rogers, Hope Circle, Terry Cornell, Blanca Reyes, Enrique and Gayle Ramirez, Loi San, Janet Meyers, Alfred and Patsy Henner, Jr., Alexander and Cara Watson, John and Joanne Elfring, Eric and Malia Nelson,  Pauline Clark, Jason and Kelly Hall, Jeffery and Tami Stafford and countless others who chose to remain anonymous.