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We are better together....

You know how I love to read Karl Vaters' blog posts. They are thought provoking and while I have been busy with other projects (i.e. The Shepherd) and the normal weekly things I decided to take a look this evening and sure enough one article caught my attention.

The topic was “Being The Church Isn’t Enough: 11 Reasons We Also Need To Go” and the bell went off in my mind! YES!!!

While we can certainly be a Christian by ourselves, it is always better to be part of like minded people and work as a team. In fact, businesses today look specifically for team experience in many jobs.

For me the point that drove it all home was this...

"Love and service require proximity. Yes, we can do a lot of good things remotely, but most of it cannot be done unless we spend at least some time in the same room together."

You can read the entire blog entry at

The children and youth knew that from the start. Sure we did some things remotely but when we came together, we were better and stronger in our faith than before. Mission Trip 2021 was a perfect example.

The first time the SPKidz children could actually hold hands (although gloved) their eyes lit up. The personal bond was there and they were together. I believe the exact phrase from one of the children was "Cool!"

As Karl states, a church is not a building. But it sure makes a great place for us to come together in God's name. I think this current group of youth are tighter as a group that any we have had since I began working with them. They look out for each other and support each other and have their own text group. Some will give rides to others who don't have a ride so they can get to SPYouth on Sunday evenings. Five of them (aka Morning Crew) arrive at church by 8:30 am each week to provide service in various ways.

In our children's ministry, the SPKidz TEAM has created a family atmosphere where the elementary age children walk hand in hand with the Nursery children. Oh no worries, what you don't see is them line up without direction to get hand sanitizer on their way through the narthex as they leave the sanctuary.

We are all better together. Let's get back to church and share God's message together. Follow the lead of our children and youth and come together regularly to serve and to worship God.

Isaiah 11:6 "and a child shall lead them"

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