• Kraig D. Pritts

Thank you St. Paul's Family!!!

Thank you to everyone in the St. Paul's Family for your efforts, donation and support of the annual Mardi Gras dinner this week. Our volunteer cooks donated all of the ingredients, crockpots and countless hours time in preparation and serving.

Youth and parents showed up right after school/work to do their part in setting up cones, signage, tables, chairs, beads and planning their system to process vehicles and get them their meals quickly and safely. Then, undoing all of that effort well into the darkness of the evening.

And you, the St. Paul's family that showed up in force by reserving all 60 meals we had planned for the evening (15% more than in the past) and moved through our youth-designed, youth managed process to pick up your meals. We hope you enjoyed the service, food and excitement that we felt throughout the evening.

Not only did you take away, but you also gave!

And give you did! We are grateful and overwhelmed with your support of the youth at St. Paul's (SPYouth) and their ongoing efforts to serve others. With donations before, during and after the dinner, you provided more than $750 to send our youth on their way to Hurricane Michael Recovery efforts in June. We are blessed to be a part of such a supportive church family.

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