• Kraig D. Pritts

Praise NG is rockin' in February!

Praise NEW GENERATION has some special things going on this month.


We present We Dance in worship at the 9 am Service on Sunday, Feb. 28. Mic checks are 8:20 am. That means you need to arrive by 8 am to get things setup, get a chance to breathe and be ready to go at 8:20 am. We do our run through and mic check then we are out until the service begins.

REMEMBER THAT FAMILY MUST REGISTER AT if they plan to attend this service for your presentation of We Dance.

We will rehearse this Sunday, Feb. 7 at our normal time and place. We will NOT rehearse on Sunday, Feb. 14. A group of four from the Praise NG team will be presenting a special tribute in that morning service. It will also be recorded for the 10:30 am service that day. More on that in another communication.

We will have a video recording session on Sunday, February 21 from 3-4 pm in the Sanctuary. THIS MEANS YOU HAVE TO WEAR YOUR SHIRT AND DRESS LIKE YOU ARE PRESENTING IN THE WORSHIP SERVICE. Everyone must attend this session. This video will be used in the 10:30 am online service on February 28. There will be no rehearsal on the afternoon of February 28.

So by now you have figured out that this Sunday is a really important rehearsal. It is our last chance to make any corrections and adjustments for We Dance prior to our recording session and worship presentation. No excuses folks--everyone is part of this team.

See you then! K

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