• Kraig D. Pritts

Mission Trip 2021---3 weeks away!

Hard to believe but 3 weeks from today we will be in Alabama preparing for our first day on the worksite for Mission Trip 2021.

Some of us have worked for two years to get to this point with hopes dashed for the Florida Keys due to COVID 19. We persevered through challenges and redirection to follow God’s path leading us to the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

NOW IS THE TIME to review the Essential Information again with your family/participant. It has been distributed a couple of times in the past but you can also access it at then click on Forms.

We expect to have a pre-load on Saturday, June 19 to load air mattresses, tools, sleeping items, etc. to save us time on Sunday morning. More details on the pre-load will be coming so watch emails, Remind, texts, and Facebook for info.

This week’s pre-trip devotional also comes from The Belonging Project study we did in SPYouth in the Fall. Last week I shared the lesson to Find One Another and unpacking the four H’s that help us enter into a biblical community. Honest, Hold, Hug and Honor.

Fellowship with One Another-fellowship by loving one another deeply from the heart, which involves three L’s: Learn His ways, Lean into service, and

the way. As we strengthen one another with love and compassion, we will be strengthened as a team to serve God.

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