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Dec. 2021 issue of The Shepherd is available with new time saving features...

The December issue of The Shepherd is now available at

I moved the creation of The Shepherd to Mac based software package providing enhanced options and a better interface than the previous software I was using.

In this issue you will find the following changes/improvements…

  • The Shepherd now includes the monthly Children & Youth calendar for faster access.

  • This issue is more interactive.

  • The Inside section is now linked directly to each article. Click and go!

  • To return to the main page, click in the body of any article.

  • Click in the upper right corner ("Previous Issues") of each issue going forward and you will go to the website where each issue is posted.

  • A new Video Corner keeps the links to Scripture and SPKidz videos in one place.

  • The Calendar pages are now less cluttered and easy to read.

The Children & Youth website ( has received a few updates with new photos and an easier way to find the most current issue of The Shepherd.

Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. The changes listed here are based on reader feedback. Send your thoughts to me via

Thank you for supporting the Children & Youth Ministries at St. Paul’s.

Merry Christmas

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