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In today's digital Epistle, church families will find a new addition--The Shepherd: News and Notes from the Children & Youth Ministries.

The Shepherd will normally be included in the emailed Epistle the first week of each month starting in November. We wanted to get this first edition out to everyone now to give you a taste of what is coming. Each month, The Shepherd will have a link to the monthly calendar, a spotlight on one of our children or youth (maybe more than one), upcoming dates to mark on your calendar and more.

We'll try to answer some questions you may have and keep you informed about what is happening in the Children & Youth Ministry collective.

One of my favorite parts of The Shepherd is the link to a scripture video. The videography and music that accompanies these videos add a powerful impact to the scripture. Some are just a minute long, others may be as long as four minutes. No matter the length, I think you will find them fulfilling. These same videos are used on the narthex displays on Sunday mornings. We also use them in our SPYouth gatherings where they are popular.

What about the younger children?

Yes this first issue is very youth focused (there are a lot of youth things happening) but starting in November

there will also be a link to a positive video that the children will enjoy. These videos have words and motions, along with the singing, right on the screen. We often use these videos in the SPKidz ministry.

And as we get into a routine we will want to do spotlights on children as well.

The Shepherd will be digital only, and no printed copies are produced. All issues will be posted and retained for a period of time on the Children & Youth website at or go directly to The Shepherd at

Take a look and feel free to share any feedback.

Thank you all for supporting the Children & Youth Ministries at St. Paul's.

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