for One Another


The Children & Youth Ministries at St. Paul's United Methodist Church are very active in local community mission efforts. Each year the children, youth, families, staff and volunteers that are part of this ministry collective provide 25% of the total meal provision effort put forth each year by St. Paul's. 

On the third Monday in July, September and March      this group provides a complete meal for as many as 30 people who can't provide meals for themselves or their family (for many different reasons). A meal consists of a main dish, one or more side dishes, one or more salads, beverages (iced tea, lemonade, milk, etc.) and several desert options. 

In pre-COVID times, the meal providers (of all ages) frequently sit at the tables with the families and share in the fellowship of breaking bread together.

Every meal that we provide starts with a prayer. 

The children and youth at St. Paul's love to serve!