Ministries for Youth

These high school  youth assist the Coordinator through  leadership of the SPKidz Nursery and SPKidz ministries. They are fully involved in the planning and implementation of the Christian Education  opportunities in each of these ministry areas.

The SPKidz   TEAM is led

by the Coordinator for Children & Youth Ministries.

SPYouth is for students from 6th grade

through high school graduation. These

youth participate in many mission

activities within the church, community,

the United States and the world.

Participants have the opportunity

to work in hurricane recovery,

feeding the needy and praying with those experiencing homelessness. Additionally SPYouth actively participate in worship services as acolytes, serving communion, liturgists and more. 

Check the Calendar tab above for the schedule and activities of SPYouth each month.  


SPYouth is led by the Coordinator for Children & Youth Ministries.

Praise NG Transport.png

Praise NEW GENERATION is part of the music ministry at

St. Paul's designed specifically for youth from 6th grade  through high school graduation.

Praise NEW GENERATION is focused on

contemporary praise music and presents

God's message through music in the

worship service on a regular basis. 

The current configuration of 

Praise NEW GENERATION consists of:

Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Percussion, French Horn and two Vocalists.

The team configuration varies with the music selected.

Check the Calendar tab above for the monthly schedule and activities of Praise NEW GENERATION . 

This team is guided  by the 

 Coordinator for Children & Youth Ministries.

Beyond SPYouth is a new ministry extension to SPYouth.

This fills a void in our current support structure by

providing ongoing connectivity with their home

church for our first year (or longer if they desire)                                              college youth.


They have connectivity options including:

  • Continue to receive the weekday morning                                                  texts/scriptures as they have for several years

  • Receive our weekly church newsletter to keep
    them updated on what is happening at home

  • Receive a birthday card and "goodie box" on or about their birthday

  • Receive a "care package" near the end of each semester to let them know we are thinking of them and praying for them.

  • They are asked to come back to SPYouth during a school break and share their experiences of the first year away from home.