Ministries for Children

Fun and Learning based on Scripture

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The SPKidz Nursery hosts preschool through Kindergarten age children and provides  Bible stories, video lessons
and activities  during  adult worship services.

The SPKidz Nursery  is led by

the SPKidz TEAM.

The SPKidz ministry provides Christian Education opportunities for 1st through 4th grade children with  Bible stories, games    and activities during the time  that parents are in the worship service. 

The SPKidz ministry is led by the SPKidz TEAM.

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iCLUB is a unique approach to Christian Education based on the philosophy of developmental education. This team is designed with a focus on 4th and 5th graders BUT 3rd graders may participate if, after observation of their interactions with the SPKidz and iCLUB children, it is felt they will thrive 

in the iCLUB environment. 

When iCLUB members reach 6th grade, they can  maintain  a "dual enrollment status" and continue in iCLUB for another year while  they  transition into the Middle/High School SPYouth team. This approach  has proven successful by making the transition from Children to Youth ministries less stressful for the child. 

Most iCLUB members  go through Confirmation Class and Baptism, if needed, in the summer between

their 5th and 6th grade years.

iCLUB is led by the

Coordinator for Children & Youth Ministries